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    Malek Heating & Air has partnered with Generac to provide full home back up power supplies because they are the largest, most reliable generator manufacturer on the market. Generac did not become one of the largest generator manufacturers and suppliers by accident. For more than five decades, Generac has driven innovation in the industry by considering generators from a unique perspective—yours. We evaluated the common problems involved in specifying, configuring, installing, and maintaining generators and created unique solutions to make choosing Generac the best choice.

    Your Need: Reduced Emissions and More Eco-Friendly Units

    Our natural gas generators have won us many awards, but the real benefits for you are reliability, durability, and reduced maintenance. Permitting is much easier as these units produce 90% fewer emissions compared to diesel. In addition, more AHJ’s are recognizing natural gas generators for sole off-site fuel choices because these generators rely on a strong underground pipeline network that is rarely impacted by weather.

    Your Need: Straight-forward, Easy to Implement Genset Paralleling

    Our ingenious Modular Power Systems (MPS) make generator paralleling easier by removing the need for traditional switchgear. With our integrated paralleling, you can start with a smaller kW to meet your initial power needs and simply “add on” units as your power needs grow. And, our units can be paralleled across wide spaces; there is no need to have the gensets located right next to each other.  For flexibility and scalability, the choice is simple.

    We can even provide medium voltage solutions that are configured with lower kW generators so your staff or outside contractors are more comfortable servicing and maintaining the system. Oh, and if that was not enough, this system was designed to parallel when the communication system is down because Generac implements a hardwired backup approach so there will be no single point failures.

    Your Need: More Power in a Variety of Configurations 

    Generac Industrial Power offers an extensive product line—from 15 kW through 3.25 MW single generators—and as much as 100 MW through our innovative MPS technology. Our brawny diesel gensets can be paralleled with our natural gas and BI-FUEL™ units, providing the extended runtimes more customers are demanding. You can also choose from larger alternators, sound attenuated enclosures, extreme performance enclosures, a variety of control systems, and different size base tanks. Each one designed to meet your specifications seamlessly.

    Your Need: To Trust our Gensets Will Perform Under the Worst Conditions

    Before any of our industrial generator designs go into production, we evaluate, analyze, and test every component down to the tiniest detail. This includes a full spectrum sound test, endurance testing, and a comprehensive set of highly specialized tests on cooling system performance, a torsional analysis, transient response, and maximum motor starting and structural soundness. This stringent testing process and design verification ensures each engine not only meets every major industry standard, including UL2200, CSA, NFPA 110, and NEC, but also meets the most demanding standards of all—our customers.

    Generac’s team of engineers and technicians have worked in the field for decades, so there isn’t much we have not seen when it comes to design, configuring, and installing gensets. From narrow streets that make it difficult to move units into place to unique local installation codes to complex retrofits that need to meet tight space requirements as well as updated NFPA and NEC standards, we have got you covered. We have taken a deep dive to truly understand your needs. Our custom industry solutions combined with our experienced staff can help you get the job done right the first time because we use the right recipe for success.

    Your Need: 24/7/365 Support

    Great technology is nothing without exceptional and responsive customer service and we deliver that, too. Our website is full of resources such as whitepapers, Generac City, case studies, the PowerConnect eNewsletters, and Power Design Pro™ to help you spec your generators. If it’s emergency support you need, our knowledgeable and skilled network of service experts is on hand 24/7/365 to assist you!

    Malek Heating & Air is proud to provide all Generac has to offer to our customers. We are constantly looking to partner with the best in the business to provide for our customers in more ways than one. 

    Look to Malek and Generac to power your home TODAY. Call us to schedule a free consultation about your home’s power options. 

    January 14, 2021

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