When It’s Time to Call for a Furnace Repairman

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    A Bryan, Texas, winter is no joke, and a furnace that’s going in and out on you is no laughing matter. It never fails; your heating will stop working when winter is at its worst. Preventive maintenance can help avert many major malfunctions, but it’s not foolproof.

    How do you know if you really have a problem with your furnace? Check out these handy tips to know when you can fix it yourself or when it’s time to call in professional help.

    Signs of a Problem with Your Furnace

    The easiest sign to spot that something is wrong with your furnace is that you’re cold when you’re supposed to be warm. Cool air is blowing from the vents, or no air is coming out at all. Strange noises or no noises aren’t good signs, either.

    What You Can Check on Your Furnace Before You Call

    There are a few things you can check if you’re not getting warm air before you call for a furnace repair:

    • Make sure your pilot light is lit.
    • Flip the circuit breakers to reset it.
    • Check the thermostat to make sure it’s turned on and set to the right temperature.
    • Look at your registers and make sure they aren’t blocked.

    These sound like simple, obvious things, but you’d be surprised at how often we get called out to fix a problem that isn’t a problem at all. Save yourself the service call and the cost.

    When It’s Time to Call a Professional

    If you’ve checked the small issues and you’re still having these problems, it’s time to call a furnace repair technician:

    • The furnace cycles on and off too often.
    • The furnace won’t turn on at all.
    • The blower is constantly blowing.
    • You feel major temperature changes from hot to cold, or you feel no hot air at all.

    January 28, 2016

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