What to Do When Your AC Stops Cooling

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    The last thing you want on a sweltering summer day in Texas is to realize your central air conditioning system isn’t blowing cold air!

    Before you call your local AC technician, try to fix the problem with these troubleshooting tips:

    Check the Thermostat

    If the thermostat switch is set to ON, the blower will constantly run – even when the system isn’t cooling your home. This causes warm air to blow from your vents.

    How to fix it – Switch your thermostat to AUTO to ensure air only blows from the vents when the AC is cooling.

    Clear the Outdoor Unit

    If the outdoor condenser unit is dirty or covered in dry leaves or debris, it can’t properly get rid of the heat from your home.

    How to fix it – First, remove any piles of leaves or debris around the unit. Then carefully clean the condenser fins with a garden hose on a gentle setting.

    Replace a Dirty Filter

    A dirty return-air filter reduces airflow in your AC system and can cause it to struggle to cool your home.

    How to fix it – Replace a dirty filter with a new one every 45 days for maximum efficiency.

    Check the Circuit Breaker

    Most AC systems have two circuit breakers – one for the inside unit and one for the outside unit. If the outside unit’s breaker has tripped, the indoor unit will continue blowing air into your home – but the air will be warm.

    How to fix it – Check your breaker box to see if the outdoor unit has tripped. If it has – switch it back on. If it trips again, don’t reset it – there is probably an electrical problem that a professional needs to fix.

    If you’ve checked everything listed above and your AC still isn’t cooling your home – it’s time to call in a professional.

    Air Conditioner Repair Issues

    Here are some problems that require a licensed AC technician to repair:

    1. Refrigerant (Freon) Leak

    If your AC system is low on refrigerant, it won’t cool your home very well. Refrigerant runs in a closed loop throughout your system. So if it’s low on Freon, it means there is a leak.

    Other signs you have a refrigerant leak include:

    • You feel warm air from your AC vents.
    • The refrigerant line on your outdoor unit is frozen.
    • You hear a bubbling or hissing noise near the AC – this indicates a significant leak.

    If you think you have a refrigerant leak, contact a qualified AC repair company like Malek Heating and Air. Freon is federally regulated and should only be handled by a licensed HVAC professional.

    2. Leaky Ducts

    Leaks in your ductwork can cause the hot, unconditioned air of your attic to seep into your ducts. This will increase the temperature of the air that is pushed out from your AC vents.

    Since ducts are hidden up in your attic, they can be hard to detect. Other signs you have leaky ducts include:

    • You have rooms that don’t cool well.
    • Your energy bills are higher than usual.
    • Your home is unusually dusty (from the dust in your attic).

    If you have leaky ducts, an AC technician will seal your ducts and stop the leaks.

    3. Broken Compressor

    The compressor is the core of your AC system. It circulates the refrigerant that removes heat from your home’s air and dumps it outside. So if your compressor isn’t pumping refrigerant as it should, your air conditioner won’t cool your home properly.

    The bad news? If there’s a problem with the compressor, you’ll probably need to replace it. Since compressors are “hermetically sealed,” you can’t open them up to repair a single component. Unfortunately, the compressor is the most expensive part of the AC system. Unless the manufacturer warranty is still valid, you may be better off investing in a new unit – especially if your AC system is more than 10 years old.

    Looking for an HVAC Repair Service You Can Trust?

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    July 6, 2021

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