What Makes a Commercial HVAC Contractor Different?

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    “Different from what?” you may be wondering. After all, their job functions are essentially the same, right? Well, different than HVAC contractors who specialize in only residential heating, cooling, and ventilation services. Commercial HVAC contractors are vastly different from general commercial handymen, who may manage your business’ plumbing, electrical, and HVAC needs, but don’t actually specialize in any of these fields.

    While both residential HVAC contractors and general handymen serve an important purpose, they are not equipped for the specialized needs of a commercial business. Whether your business or restaurant needs installation, repairs, or you want to schedule maintenance, you need the assistance of a professional who is trained and licensed to perform commercial HVAC work. 

    Commercial Heating and Air Systems Aren’t Like Residential Systems

    One big mistake people make is assuming commercial systems are more or less the same as residential systems. They are bigger, and more powerful, sure. But these are certainly not the only important differences. Commercial systems typically have many different requirements as far as temperature control is concerned. The right temperature is required to keep employees, tenants, customers, or guests comfortable and healthy, and even to keep stored products, foods, and computer rooms cool.

    Additionally, office spaces with multiple floors need to account for the fact that heat rises, and therefore air conditioning systems must be zoned correctly for optimal comfort. It goes beyond just this, though. If you have a system breakdown, it’s not just a family or household you need to worry about—it could result in a pretty significant business interruption and have a negative impact on your bottom line. So inexperience is not an option—you need commercial HVAC pros who offer the following for your business or commercial space:

    Fast Response: When it comes to residential heating or cooling repairs, you could probably afford to sit tight for a day or so until a technician can get to you. This is just not possible in a commercial setting. You need a repair professional who will respond and work fast, and who is prepared to operate around your workday.

    Knowledge and Experience: Commercial heating and air systems might include walk-in freezers, wine coolers, computer room systems, and more. These areas have very precise temperature needs and the right commercial heating and air contractor will have the experience and training to deal with this.

    Indoor Air Quality Experience: When it comes to the comfort of your commercial space, there’s a lot more to be concerned with than temperature alone. It’s important to know what shape your ventilation system is in. Damaged ductwork can result in a loss of conditioned air and inefficient HVAC use, not to mention uneven heating or cooling, and the presence of allergens and pollutants. Humidity balancing is also a huge deal in Central Texas, and the humidity needs of a residence will be far different than that of your business or commercial space with more people entering and leaving regularly.

    Malek Heating and Air will keep your business, products, staff, and customer safe, healthy, and comfortable – Call Malek today to schedule your Business HVAC service today. 

    September 14, 2021

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