The Climate of College Station, Texas

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    Climate of College Station - Malek Heating & Air

    Whether you’re an out-of-state student at Texas A&M University or a born-and-raised Texan, there’s plenty of things to enjoy in College Station. One of the major perks is the weather. Sure, summers are a little muggy, but if you’d rather sunbathe than hit the snowy ski slopes, College Station is worth a trip!

    Here’s a breakdown of the local weather conditions for each month of the year.


    Winters are far milder in College Station than in the rest of the country. With an average low of 41 degrees Fahrenheit and an average high of 61, you only need a jacket to get through the season.

    Humidity is also shockingly low. January 29 is the least muggy day of the year with a humidity level of just 2 percent! This is a welcome contrast to the humid summer months.

    Cloud admirers will also be happiest in January, as there’s a virtual 50/50 split between overcast and clear, sunny days.


    February officially marks the end of the cooler months. Late February is also the beginning of the 9 1/2-month growing season. This transitional window marks the time to start sowing broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions, parsnips and potatoes for a bountiful summer harvest.


    Things start heating up in March, with an average high of 72 and low of 51. The days are still pleasantly cool with a bit of a temperature spike in the late afternoons.

    Sun lovers will be excited for the Spring Equinox and Daylight Savings. Starting March 11, the sun stays up in College Station for nearly 12 hours.


    If you want to explore the beauty of College Station without dealing with the humidity, late April is the best time to book a trip. The winds are highest during this month, which means you can enjoy warm breezes and spend time outdoors without feeling drenched. There are plenty of events for locals and tourists in College Station and nearby Bryan, such as Chilifest, the Messina Hof Wine & Roses Festival and Firkin Fest.


    May is still a pleasant time to visit, but temperatures slowly creep up to an average high of 86. This is also the month with the most showers – May 27 is the wettest day with a 36 percent chance of rain.


    June is the best month to visit if you enjoy hanging by the pool or traveling to the beach since the days are long and the temperature is hot.

    This month also marks the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season. While College Station is further inland than Houston, it is still subject to rains, winds and flooding from hurricanes and tropical storms. During Hurricane Harvey, College Station experienced heavy rainfall, and locals were understandably concerned about friends and family members living in surrounding areas.


    It may be summer break, but you better stay inside! Come mid-July, there is a 94 percent chance the weather will be muggy, oppressive or downright miserable (and that’s on top of the average high of 95 degrees!).

    On the upside, it’s highly unlikely to rain, so there’s a better chance you’ll use your umbrella for shade than showers.


    August is as uncomfortable as July, and warmer still. It’s entirely possible your young’un will head back to school on the hottest day of the year.


    Temperatures finally begin dropping in September, but the weather is far from desirable with an average high of 91. There are also fewer breezes, so it’s not as easy to cool off. If you’re hoping to visit College Station for the warm weather, now’s your last chance!


    Texans can start enjoying the outdoors again in October. The skies are clear, the wind picks up again and the chance of mugginess dips below 25 percent by the end of the month. This is also the ideal time for a fall visit – maybe you’d enjoy the Brazos Valley Fair & Rodeo or the Texas Renaissance Festival?


    Thanksgiving season is pleasant in College Station with a high of 71, a low of 51 and the return of some cloud cover. The weather is perfect for attending a fall harvest or one of the many local holiday events.


    At long last, winter is back! What you lose in daylight you make back in low temperatures and arid days. If you want to visit family during vacation, you’re much better off doing it now than in the middle of summer.

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