Breaking Clay Targets with Brant: Making A Difference, the After Hours Edition

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    For many years now, Brant Malek (President) has been a volunteer youth coach for both the Brazos County 4-H Sportsman’s Club and Texas A&M shotgun clay target shooting sports. His passion is in teaching kids life skills through the power of goal setting leveraging clay target shooting, something he has always enjoyed. As a professional problem solver, he understands the need for a solid plan in order to achieve any goal in life. A coach isn’t there to set the goal for the student; he is there to guide the student toward achievement of their own particular goal.

    Coach Malek teaches the fundamentals of success in a safe and fun environment. Shooting sports is unique and very challenging. Just like golf, hitting the target consistently is an incredible mental game.

    “Kids can be some of the best students,” Brant says. “They have the advantage of young eyes and quick reflexes.  Most kids do not realize they are learning life skills like self-discipline, attitude, respect and organization through “breaking” targets. It can be very rewarding to see these kids become young professionals right before your eyes, not just in recreational shooting, but in life.”



    June 20, 2016

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