3 Benefits of Having Your Home Performance Evaluated in Late Summer or Fall

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    This time of year is the perfect season for having your home evaluated. It gives you the chance to be sure your home is performing optimally, with all comfort levels and safety concerns addressed before winter. If you live in College Station, Texas, and you’ve been thinking about scheduling a home performance evaluation, here are some benefits to having it done in late summer or fall.

    1. Detect and Prevent Air Loss

    Dealing with air leaks in the winter is no picnic. Especially if you own an older home, you’re constantly checking for drafts, commandeering towels to roll up and stuff under doors, and keeping curtains closed to prevent air loss through the glass. A home performance evaluation can help you pinpoint issues such as poor insulation so that you can take care of these problems now instead of waiting until chillier weather hits.

    2. Save Money on Heating

    The winter season can put a lot of strain on your home. Your heat pump may have to run nonstop in order to maintain a comfortable temperature, which results in higher energy bills. Home performance evaluations are all about ensuring that your home is cost-effective. A technician may recommend simple improvements that could drastically boost your energy savings. If you’ve noticed that your utility bills have significantly increased compared to previous seasons, this essential service is in your best interest.

    3. Combat Health and Safety Issues

    When your home’s systems aren’t performing optimally, you could be faced with increased humidity, mold, indoor pollutants, and other environmental threats all winter long. That’s a long time to be cooped up in a stuffy house breathing in poor air. A home performance evaluation pinpoints issues that could be devastating to your family’s health, helping you figure out what changes need to be made in order to boost your indoor air quality.

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    January 28, 2016

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